Journal of Behavioral Sciences Special Issue:

“21st Century Great Conversations in Neuroscience, Art and Related Therapeutics”

Symposium coordinator, Juliet King, and research assistant, Kaitlin Knapp, are currently accepting submissions for their special issue “21st Century Great Conversations in Neuroscience, Art and Related Therapeutics”, which will be published in Behavioral Sciences

It was with active minds and a collaborative spirit that the Schools of Art, Medicine, Engineering, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Nursing, Informatics and Liberal Arts came together to host the international symposium 21st Century Great Conversations in Neuroscience, Art and Related Therapeutics at Indiana University– Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) in April. The premise of the symposium was to bring together campus faculty, healthcare professionals, community members, and thought leaders from around the world, to present insights and engage in transdisciplinary dialogue on how brain science and artistic processes inform one another with the shared vision that the intersection of art and science can support the overall health and amelioration of disease for patients, their caregivers, families and friends.

Fifteen presenters shared their insights and expertise within three wide-ranging tracks that each had a designated Keynote speaker: (1) Neuroaesthetics; Anjan Chatterjee, MD; (2) Creativity and Consciousness; Arne Dietrich, PhD; and (3) Mobile Brain-Body Imaging; Klaus Gramann, PhD. A panel was formed for each track and was moderated by Jill Ditmire from WFYI radio, who engaged the audience with interactive dialogue that explored a range of subjects. The subjects included how creativity and the creative arts therapies are influenced by and relate to trauma and disease, physician training, consciousness and humanism, and neuroscience and brain imaging.

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